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3D Turbulenzstruktur
Flow visualization of the structures found in a turbulent flow

Fluid dynamics is a fundamental discipline of engineering and sciences with far reaching industrial applications. Fluid dynamic processes play an important role in all fields of science and technology.

A few examples of current problems are the reduction of sound propagation from automobiles, locomotives, and aircraft; the influence of combustion processes on the reduction of noise and emissions; the increase in the power efficiency of turbo-machines; and the increase in the efficiency of lifting surfaces.

The department of Experimental Fluid Mechanics, aka Chair of Fluid Dynamics, conducts teaching and research in the large fields of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Here, value is set upon fundamental investigations in order to broaden the physical understanding of phenomena in flows as well as application oriented work, which is directly relevant to industry. The long industrial experience and existing contacts in industry of the department chair facilitates orientation in a practical environment and the professional world.   

Furthermore, there exists a high level of cooperation with the Engine Acoustics Group of the Institute of Propulsion Technology, a branch of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), which has also established itself in the Hermann Föttinger Institute.  

The focus lies on experimental investigations of phenomena of flows, however, numerical and analytical methods are also consulted for characterization and modeling, also in cooperation with other departments. The department pursues the goal of providing excellent education in fundamentals as well as in applications of fluid dynamics suited for long-term needs of industry and, with this, optimally prepares students for professional life.  

Excellent fundamental knowledge is the prerequisite to providing creative contributions to the constantly developing technological world.

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Experimentelle Strömungsmechanik
Müller-Breslau-Straße 8
D-10623 Berlin