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IGTI Student Scholarship Award 2012/2013

02. October 2012

We proudly announce that Aditya Saurabh was awarded the 2012/2013 IGTI student scholarship towards his doctoral thesis: "Flame dynamics in response to transverse acoustic excitation".[more]

ICCFD7 Best Student Paper Award 2012

07. August 2012

Erster und dritter Platz geht an das Fachgebiet Experimentelle Strömungsmechanik[more]

Turbo Expo Best Paper Award

01. February 2012

Wind Energy Committee 2011[more]

Industry Award 2011 for applied research collaboration with CryoSnow

12. April 2011

At the "Chair of Fluid Dynamics" the team of Prof. C. O. Paschereit investigated the innovative technique of CO2-snowjets of the CryoSnow GmbH. Boosted by optimized fluid mechanics, this berlin company has wone the...[more]

28th Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion Award

Swirling Jet 01. December 2010

The poster entry "Global Modes in a Swirling Jet Undergoing Vortex

Breakdown" has won the 28th Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion award.[more]

Tiburtius Anerkennungspreis 2009

01. February 2010

Dr.-Ing. Mirko R. Bothien hat für seine Dissertation den Tiburtius Anerkennungspreis 2009 erhalten.[more]

RWE Zukunftspreis 2009 für Dipl. Ing. S. Göke

Die Preisträger 10. November 2009

Sebastian Göke hat den 1. Platz beim RWE Zukunftspreis 2009 für seine bei uns durchgeführte Diplomarbeit belegt.[more]

Displaying results 15 to 21 out of 24

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