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21-08-20 00:00 Age: 2 years

H2020 Project FLOATECH has been granted

The project FLOATECH aims to develop advanced technologies and design tools which will enable the wind energy sector to increase the level of maturity and the cost competitiveness of floating offshore wind energy. The project relates to the H2020 call Offshore wind basic science and balance of plant.

The consortium includes five public research institutions (TU Berlin, Ecole Central Nantes, TU Delft, Università degli Studi di Firenze, SeaPower SCRL) from four European countries and three industrial partners (SAIPEM, Ideol SA, Next Ocean BV).

FLOATECH’s overarching objectives are to reduce the uncertainties in the design process and to increase the cost competitiveness of floating offshore wind energy. For this a fully-coupled aero-hydro-servo-elastic design and simulation environment QBlade-Ocean will be developed and two innovative technologies Active Wave-based Control and Active Wake Mixing will be introduced.



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