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Majid Asli

Majid Asli
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    There are some available BSc. and MSc. thesis topics on turbomachinery aerothermodynamics. Interested students are welcome to contact me.




    Majid is currently working on Turbine Aerodynamics and Integration for Pressure Gain Combustion Engine at Technische Universität Berlin. He received both BSc and MSc degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic with a special focus on Compressor and Gas Turbine. Prior to joining TU, he works for turbomachinery industries, research institutes, and civil aviation industries for more than five years.


    PhD candidate, Technische Universität Berlin

    MSc. in Turbomachinery, Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnic of Tehran, Graduated with honor, 2012.

    BSc., Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnic of Tehran, Graduated with honor, 2009

    Selected Publications:

    M. Asli, N. Garan, N. Neumann, P. Stathopoulos “A robust one-dimensional approach for the performance evaluation of turbines driven by pulsed detonation combustion”, Journal of Energy Conversion and Management, 2021,248,114784.

    N. Neumann, M. Asli, N. Garan, D. Peitsch, P. Stathopoulos “A fast approach for unsteady compressor performance simulation under boundary condition caused by pressure gain combustion”, Journal of Applied Thermal Engineering, (2021),117223.

    M. Asli, P. Stathopoulos, C. O. Paschereit, "Aerodynamic Investigation of Guide Vane Configurations Downstream a Rotating Detonation Combustor." ASME. J. Eng. Gas Turbines Power (2021).

    M. Asli, C. Cuciumita, P. Stathopoulos, C. O. Paschereit, “Numerical Investigation of a Turbine Guide Vane Exposed to Rotating Detonation Exhaust Flow” Proceeding of TurboExpo 2019, 2019.

    M. Asli, A. M. Tousi, “Performance Analysis of Axial Flow Compressor and Part Load Consideration in a Gas Turbine Application” Journal of Thermal Science& Technology, Vol. 8 No.3, pp. 476-487.

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