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Anechoic Room


The anechoic room is a full-space room with a cutoff frequency of 125Hz. This  means that almost all the sound reflections are absorbed above this frequency. The laboratory with a ground area of nearly 50 square meters (8x6 meter) and a ceiling height of 2.3 meter is properly equipped to allow combustion experiments. Therefore, metal wedges are used at the center of the laboratory field. The security is ensured by noiseless ventilation, the exclusive use of non-flammable materials and additionally a gas warning system. The laboratory provides optimal conditions for the group of Professor Paschereit to do research in combustion noise and aero-acoustic phenomena as well as for measuring acoustic properties.

Currently, the DFG project "combustion noise" is carried out; it deals with experimental investigations on a jet flame. Besides the acoustic measurements, methods for flow visualization and temperature measurement are applied.

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