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21. November 2018


  • Closed-Circuit wind tunnel
  • Cross-Section of Test Sections:
    • Small: 2 m x  1.4 m
    • Large: 4.20 m x 4.2 m


24. June 2010

The flow in the laminar wind tunnel (LaWiKa) exhibits especially low turbulence. It is a closed-circuit wind tunnel for the investigation of boundary layer transistions.

Param ...


24. June 2010

In the Swirl Wind Tunnel two coaxial swirling, flows are produced. With this arrangement, three-dimensional shear layers are investigated, as well as the influence of swirl directi ...

Evironmental Wind Tunnel

23. June 2010

Wind Tunnel for the investigation of environmental effects on rigid bodies. For experiments in which the influence of gravity plays an important role, the environmental tunnel can ...


02. May 2010


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