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The goal of the project CLEAN-GT was to prove the feasibility of an innovative advanced gas turbine cycle for power generation, the ultra-wet gas turbine. Together with Laborelec/GDF Suez, a blueprint for a new gas turbine design was developed. The core of this gas turbine design is the steam-supported operation of the combustor, allowing combustion of hydrogen, biogas and natural gas at significantly reduced emissions. Furthermore, by varying the amount of steam produced from the exhaust heat and injected into the combustor, the ratio of produced electric power and heat is decoupled. For combined heat and power applications, this increases the operating hours per year significantly and enhances the economic value of the gas turbine.

Domestic decentralized power generation and large scale renewable power generation in power plants are two major markets for the innovative technology, which have been both assessed in CLEAN-GT.

The CLEAN-GT concept provides a key-component for the necessary savings in Europe in terms of greenhouse gases and smog-forming pollutants, at lower cost compared to state of the art technology. A prototype gas turbine has been successfully developed and installed.

The project was subdivided in three subtopics

  • Market analysis (I): Identification of the market potential and possible entrance strategies
  • Technical work (II): Developemnt of a demonstrator showing the potential of the technolgoy and will be used to validate the results of the system analysis
  • System analysis (III): Thermodynamic analysis and prediction of performance of wet gas turbines


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