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Archivierte Seminarvorträge

Friday, 15. December 2017 15:00

Numerische Untersuchung von Sägezahnlärm basierend auf quasi-3D RANS Simulationen am Beispiel des NASA-SDT-Rotors

By: Christian Gscheidle (DLR)

Friday, 15. December 2017 14:15

Experimentelle Untersuchung der Ausbreitung akustischer Moden durch Statorschaufelreihen und Gegenüberstellung mit einem analytischen Kaskadenmodell“

By: Lukas Klähn (DLR)

Monday, 18. September 2017 12:20

Numerical Investigation of the Breakup Behavior of an Oscillating Two-Phase Jet

By: Simon Schmidt (Masterstudent am HFI / FDX)

Friday, 09. June 2017 14:15

Tomographische Rekonstruktion instationärer Temperaturfelder in Brennkammern basierend auf akustischen time-of-flight Messungen

By: Felix Pause (Masterarbeit HFI)

The presentation will be in German; slides will be in English

Friday, 03. February 2017 14:15

Numerical modeling of forced V-flame dynamics in a G-equation framework

By: Carsten Hausherr (Masterarbeit HFI), Vortragssprache deutsch

Wednesday, 25. January 2017 09:00

Control of flame dynamics by nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges - Raum: BIB 014

By: Deanna Lacoste (KAUST)

Friday, 20. January 2017 14:15

Numerical Simulation of an Isothermal Combustion Test Rig

By: Amadeus Trübsbach (Masterarbeit Rolls-Royce)

Friday, 09. December 2016 14:15

Rotating Detonation Combustor (RDC) instabilities

By: Prof. Dr. Ephraim Gutmark, University of Cincinnati

Friday, 25. November 2016 14:00

Tangential Impulse Detonation Engine

By: Cleopatra Cuciumita (COMOTI)

Friday, 29. July 2016 14:15

Entwicklung eines korrelationsbasierten Filmkühlungsmodells

By: Tobias Mangold (Masterarbeit)

Friday, 15. July 2016 14:15

Numerical simulation of the acoustic reponse resulting from the periodic injection of fluid into a subsonic nozzle

By: Niclas Hanraths (Masterarbeit)

Vortragssprache deutsch

Friday, 08. July 2016 14:15

Sound generation and control of thermoacoustic instabilities by NRP discharges

By: Olaf Bölke (HFI)

Friday, 10. June 2016 14:15

Model-based feedback control of vortex shedding at low Reynolds numbers

By: Simon Illingworth (University of Melbourne)

Model-based feedback control of vortex shedding at low Reynolds numbers is considered. Using 2-D DNS and reduced-order modelling techniques, linear models of the wake are formed and then used to design feedback controllers. As well as demonstrating the efficacy of control, the talk will also show that it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve acceptable control performance—measured in a suitable way—as Reynolds number increases. Although the talk will focus on control of the cylinder wake, I will also look at how similar methods can be used in thermoacoustics.

Friday, 03. June 2016 15:00

Applications of optical diagnostics in supersonic flow

By: Dr. Daniel Edgington-Mitchell (HFI)

Achtung: Der Vortrag findet im Raum H2038 statt

Friday, 03. June 2016 14:15

Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes simulations in bluff-body aerodynamics

By: Sinisa Krajnovic (HFI)

Achtung: Der Vortrag findet im Raum H2038 statt

Friday, 27. May 2016 14:15

Control of the precessing vortex core by open and closed-loop forcing in the jet core

By: Phoebe Kuhn (HFI)

Friday, 13. May 2016 14:15

Assessment of thermoacoustic instabilities based on high-order adjoint perturbation theory

By: Georg Mensah (HFI)

Friday, 22. April 2016 14:15

The fluidic fence as an enabler for increasing the sweep on wings without destabilizing the airplane using them

By: Prof. I. Wygnanski (Univ. Arizona, USA)

Friday, 15. April 2016 14:15

Forschung zur Verbrennungsstabilität in Gasturbinenbrennkammern und Raketenmotoren am Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik der TU-München, ein Überblick

By: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Sattelmayer (TU-München)

Friday, 12. February 2016 14:15

Nanosecond Pulse Surface Discharges for Control of Turbulent Shear Flows

By: Jesse Little (Ass. Prof., Dep. of Aerospace and Mech. Eng., Univ. of Arizona)

Friday, 05. February 2016 14:15

The Time-Resolved Flow Field of a Jet Emitted by a Fluidic Oscillator into a Crossflow

By: M. Sc. Florian Ostermann (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 29. January 2016 14:15

Freistrahlmessungen im Labor bei der Triebwerksakustik

By: Dr.-Ing. Henri Siller (DLR)

Friday, 22. January 2016 14:15

Cross-Flow Induced Pressure on Air Outlets

By: M. Sc. Jonathan Tschepe (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 08. January 2016 14:15

Detection and Characterization of Entropy Waves in Gas Turbine Model Combustors

By: M. Sc. Dominik Waßmer (ISTA, HFI)

Tuesday, 15. December 2015 14:45

Dynamic simulation of wet micro turbine cycles

By: Omar Saad (ISTA, HFI)

Tuesday, 15. December 2015 14:15

Integration of a H2/O2 steam generator in existing power plants

By: Tarek Sleem (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 27. November 2015 14:15

Numerical analysis of the flame dynamics in a reheat combustor

By: M. Sc. Lisa Zander (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 13. November 2015 14:45

Introducing Spectral Proper Orthogonal Decomposition: Superior identification of coherent structures in turbulent flows

By: M. Sc. Moritz Sieber (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 13. November 2015 14:15

Theoretical and numerical studies of sound propagation in low-Mach-number duct flows

By: Chenyang Weng (DLR)

Friday, 06. November 2015 14:15

Theory and application of an analytical approach for the determination of the transmission of sound waves through a stator

By: Peter Puttkammer (DLR)

Tuesday, 03. November 2015 16:00

Why large turbulence scales are the only contributor to jet noise

By: Ulf Michel (CFD Software Development and Research GmbH, Berlin)

Friday, 30. October 2015 14:15

Thermodynamic Evaluation of CVC gas turbine cycles

By: M. Sc. Johann Vinkeloe (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 16. October 2015 14:15

Schallquellenlokalisierung am Freistrahl eines verkleinerten Triebwerksmodells mit hohem Nebenstromverhältnis

By: Jonas König (Masterarbeit, DLR)

Friday, 17. July 2015 14:15

Modenzerlegung von Breitbandgeräuschen in Strömungskanälen unter Verwendung eines kombinierten axialen und azimutalen Mikrofonarrays

By: Dominic Gutsche (DLR)


Friday, 29. May 2015 14:15

Efficient computation of thermoacoustic modes in annular combustion chambers based on Bloch-wave theory

By: Georg Mensah (HFI)

Thursday, 16. April 2015 14:15

Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis and optimal passive control of hydrodynamic instability in fuel injectors

By: Outi Tammisola (University of Nottingham)

Achtung: Vortrag findet am Donnerstag statt!

Raum MB 13

Wednesday, 11. February 2015 14:15

Data-driven modeling and control of complex systems

By: Steven Brunton (Ass. Prof. of mech. eng., Univ. Washington)

Raum BIB 014

Monday, 24. November 2014 14:30

Extracting linear growth rates from thermoacoustic limit cycle time series

By: Nicolas Noiray (ETH Zürich)

Friday, 05. September 2014 14:15

Maximum Entropy Analysis of Flow Systems and Flow Networks

By: Robert Niven (University of New South Wales and Institut Pprime, Poitiers)

Friday, 04. July 2014 14:15

Simulation der akustischen Eigenschaften einer generischen Brennkammer mit dem CAA Tool PIANO (Masterarbeit)

By: Steffen Nitsch (DLR)

Tuesday, 24. June 2014 16:30

Closed-loop turbulence control using machine learning

By: Bernd Noack (Institute PPRIME, Poitiers)

Tuesday, 24. June 2014 10:00

Combustion instability in a lean premixed backward facing step combustor: Role of hydrodynamic instability

By: Santosh Hemchandra (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

Vortrag findet im ER 201 statt.

Monday, 23. June 2014 10:00

Experimental and theoretical/computational investigations of combustion instability in dump and swirl combustors

By: Satyanarayana Chakravarthy (IIT Madras)

Vortrag findet im ER 201 statt.

Friday, 06. June 2014 14:15

Increasing flashback resistance in lean premixed swirl-stabilized hydrogen combustion by axial air injection

By: Dipl.-Ing. Thoralf Reichel (HFI)

Friday, 16. May 2014 14:15

Development of a Fluidic Actuator for Adaptive Flow Control on a Thick Wind Turbine Airfoil

By: Sebastian Niether (HFI)

Friday, 09. May 2014 14:15

Globale lineare Instabilitätstheorie und PSE-3D, 13 Jahre danach

By: Vassilis Theofilis (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

Friday, 28. March 2014 14:15

Aeroakustische numerische Untersuchung der Stator-Rotor-Wechselwirkung einer Hochdruckturbine mit dem "Harmonic Balance" Verfahren

By: M. Sc. Sergey Lesnik (TU-Aachen, DLR)

Friday, 07. March 2014 14:15

Broadband shock noise of turbofan engines in cruise

By: Ulf Michel (CFD Software E+F GmbH)

Tuesday, 25. February 2014 14:30

Key mechanisms controlling the response of premixed flames to flow disturbances

By: Thierry Schuller (Ecole Centrale Paris)

Friday, 21. February 2014 14:15

Wet Combustion - Local analysis of imploding and expanding flames

By: Prof. Eric Albin (Lyon)

Friday, 17. January 2014 14:15

Optimierung des Energieabsorptionsverhaltens eines Fußgängerschutzairbags mittels numerischer und experimenteller Methoden

By: André Müller (HFI)


Friday, 10. January 2014 14:15

Standing and spinning acoustic waves in annular combustors

By: Giulio Ghirardo (University of Cambridge)

Friday, 20. December 2013 14:15

Thema: Plasma. Titel wird noch festgelegt

By: Pawel Piotrowski (HFI)

Friday, 06. December 2013 14:15

Experimentelle Bachelorarbeit: Zylinderinnenströmung in aufgeladenen Otto-Motoren

By: Nils Berns (HFI)

Friday, 29. November 2013 14:15

The appearance of two lock-in states in the vortex around an in-line forced oscillating circular cylinder

By: Prof. Yoshifumi Yokoi (NDA, Japan)

Friday, 22. November 2013 14:15

Ausgewählte Maßnahmen für ökoeffiziente Energiesysteme

By: Frau Dr.-Ing. Neda Djordjevic (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)

Hochdruckflugstromvergasung und Porenbrennertechnologie

Thursday, 21. November 2013 14:30

Unsteady low-Re flow around translating and pitching low-AR flat plates

By: Ass. Prof. Kunihiko Taira (Florida State University)

Raumänderung: Raum BIB 014, Fasanenstraße 88, 10623 Berlin

Friday, 14. June 2013 11:15

Über den Nutzen stochastischer Turbulenzmodelle bei der Simulation von Strömungen

By: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Schmidt (BTU Cottbus)

Friday, 31. May 2013 14:15

Construction and Investigation of a Swirl-Stabilized Burner with Azimuthal Excitation

By: Jan Beuth (HFI)

Friday, 24. May 2013 14:15

Sweeping Jets as a Tool for Controlling Separation on a Swept Back Wing

By: Prof. I. Wygnanski (Univ. Arizona, USA)

Friday, 17. May 2013 14:15

Delta wing flow control using Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) plasma actuators at low Reynolds Number

By: Yousef Kastantin (HFI)

Tuesday, 09. April 2013 15:00

On coarse grained simulations of high reynolds-number turbulent material mixing

By: Fernando F. Grinstein (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Friday, 15. February 2013 14:15

Takagi-Sugeno Observer for Effective Wind Speed Estimation

By: Sören Georg (HTW-Berlin, Prof. Schulte)

Friday, 08. February 2013 14:15

Simulation und experimentelle Untersuchung von Fluid-Struktur-Interaktionen am Beispiel der Umströmung eines Zylinders sowie einer Zylinder-Quader-Konfiguration

By: Tim Wahl (FH Düsseldorf, Prof. Kameier)


Friday, 01. February 2013 14:15

Aerodynamische Interaktionseffekte in transonischen Verdichtern

By: Henry Knobbe (DLR)

Friday, 25. January 2013 14:15

Qblade: an open source tool for design and simulation of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines

By: David Marten (HFI)

Friday, 18. January 2013 14:15

wird noch festgelegt

By: extern, HFI

Friday, 11. January 2013 14:15

Instationäre Flammenausbreitung und Pulsdetonation (PDE)

By: Joshua Gray (HFI)

Friday, 14. December 2012 14:15


By: Dr.-Ing. Martin Franke (DLR)

Friday, 07. December 2012 14:15

AHEAD: Advanced Hybrid Engines for Aircraft Development

By: Thoralf Reichel (HFI)

1st stage: Hydrogen Combustion

Thursday, 29. November 2012 14:15

The Interaction Vortex Flow Around Two Bluff Cylinders

By: Prof. Dr. Yoshifumi Yokoi (National Defense Academy of Japan)

Talk will be on Thursday

Friday, 23. November 2012 14:15

Numerische Analyse zur aeroakustischen Bewertung einer Hinterkantenausblasung

By: M.Sc. Florian Hausmann (DLR)

Friday, 16. November 2012 14:15

Experimentelle Fahrzeugaerodynamik am HFI

By: Dr. C. N. Nayeri (HFI)

Friday, 09. November 2012 14:15

Leiser fliegen mit Jan

By: Attila Wohlbrandt (DLR)

Friday, 26. October 2012 14:15

Sensitivity Analysis in Combustion Dynamics Based on Adjoint Equations

By: Dr. Matthew P. Juniper (Univ of Cambridge, UK)

Friday, 17. August 2012 14:15

Measurement and simulation of burning velocities of ultra-wet methane-air-steam mixtures

By: Dr.-Ing. Eric Albin (ISTA)

Friday, 03. August 2012 14:15

Strömung in Lungenkapillarnetzmodellen

By: Kerstin Schirrmann (Biofluidmechanik, Charité)

Friday, 29. June 2012 14:15

Einige ausgewählte Projekte in der Umwelt- und Gebäudeaerodynamik

By: Hrvoje Kozmar (Fakultät Maschinen- und Schiffsbau, Uni Zagreb, Kroatien)

Wednesday, 20. June 2012 16:00

Formulation and Application of a Sparse-Modes Method for Turbulence Simulation

By: Alan R. Kerstein (Consultant, Danville,CA,USA, ehem. Sandia National Lab.)

Raumänderung: Raum BIB 014, Fasanenstraße 88, 10623 Berlin

Wednesday, 16. May 2012 16:00

Cooled Pitot Probe in Inductive Air Plasma Jet

By: Prof. Dr. Thierry Magin (Von Kármán Institute)

Raumänderung: Raum BIB 014, Fasanenstraße 88, 10623 Berlin

Tuesday, 15. May 2012 16:00

Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed Discharges for Plasma-Assisted Combustion

By: Dr. Deanna Lacoste (École Centrale Paris)

Raumänderung: Raum BIB 014, Fasanenstraße 88, 10623 Berlin

Friday, 27. April 2012 14:15

Magnetohydrodynamics for Spaceflight - Simulations and Experiments

By: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jochem Häuser (HPCC-Space GmbH, Hamburg)

Thema Plasmaactuators

Friday, 17. February 2012 14:15

Numerical Assessment of Hydrogen Oxidation at Ultra-Wet Conditions

By: Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Krüger (HFI)

Friday, 10. February 2012 14:15

Windenergie am HFI - Ideen, Vorhaben und Umbaumaßnahmen

By: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Vey (HFI)

Friday, 03. February 2012 14:15

Wet Combustion in a Generic Swirl-Stabilized Gas Turbine Combustor

By: Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Terhaar (HFI)

Friday, 27. January 2012 14:15

Widerstandsmessungen an wellenförmigen Riblets

By: Dipl.-Ing. René Grüneberger (HFI/DLR)

Friday, 20. January 2012 14:15

Linear Eddy Model

By: Dipl.-Ing Christina Schrödinger (HFI)

Friday, 13. January 2012 14:15

RANS- basierte Schallvorhersagen an gegenläufigen offenen Rotoren

By: Christoph Menzel (DLR)

Friday, 06. January 2012 14:15

Development of measurement methods for investigations of the fluid domain near the wall.

By: Dipl.-Ing. Mario Kuschewski (Energiewandlung u. Wärmetechnik, Uni Stuttgart)

Friday, 16. December 2011 14:15

Bachelorarbeit "Experimentelle Untersuchung zum Einfluss der turbulenten Grenzschicht auf Schallmessungen mit wandbündigen Mikrofonen in Strömungskanälen"

By: Robin Wäsche (DLR, ILR)

Friday, 09. December 2011 14:15

Schallentstehung durch beschleunigte Wirbelstärke in einer Düsenströmung

By: Dipl.-Ing. Nancy Kings (DLR)

Friday, 02. December 2011 14:15

Tomographic reconstruction of heat release rate oscillations induced by helical modes

By: Dr.-Ing. Jonas Moeck (HFI)

Friday, 25. November 2011 14:15

Lokalisierung von Schallquellen in zylindrischen Strömungskanälen mithilfe eines inversen Verfahrens

By: cand.-ing. Gert Herold (DLR)

Friday, 18. November 2011 14:15

Acoustic response of a Helmholtz resonator exposed to hot gas penetration and high amplitude oscillations

By: Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Ćosić (HFI)

Friday, 11. November 2011 14:15

Schallschnellemessungen über einem akustischen Dämpfer mittels PIV

By: Dipl.-Ing. André Fischer (DLR)

Friday, 04. November 2011 14:15

Lokalisierung von Schallquellen an einer Boing-747 mit einem elliptischen Mikrofonarray

By: cand.-ing. Markus Drescher (DLR)

Friday, 28. October 2011 14:15

Research activities at the chair of fluid dynamics

By: Prof. Dr.-Ing. C.O. Paschereit (HFI)

Friday, 21. October 2011 13:15

Übersicht der Forschungsaktivitäten Triebwerksakustik

By: Prof. Dr. Lars Enghardt (DLR)

Generalized Chaos Expansion: application to uncertainty quantification in thermoacoustic systems

By: Dr. Camilo Silva (TU München)

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