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Simulation of Combustor Acoustics (Bachelor/Master)

High-Frequency Instability in GT-engines: Simulation of Combustor Acoustics

High-frequency (HF) thermoacoustic instability is a major issue in modern gas turbine combustors. Investigation requires special considerations involving non-planar acoustic modes of the combustion chamber. We invite applications for a Master's thesis project on a detailed study of the acoustic field in the combustion chamber of our experimental facility for the study of HF-instabilities.


  • Literature survey (HF thermoacoustic instability: numerical and experimental studies).
  • Acoustic (COMSOL Multiphysics®) simulations and analysis of non-planar combustor modes. Comparison with experiments.
  • Provide guidelines for experiment design optimization.

    Previous programming experience with MATLAB, Python or equivalent desired.


    Aditya Saurabh



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