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Joint research project “Prediction of Combustion Noise”


Experimental Investigation on Noise Emission of a Turbulent Premixed Flame (German Science Foundation)

Generation of combustion induced noise by modern, low-emission gas turbines, jet engines and heat generators for home and professional use is currently in the focus of industrial and academic research.

The common aim of the German Science Foundation’s joint research project “Prediction of Combustion Noise” is the investigation on noise generating mechanisms in turbulent, premixed flames. While the other participating research groups approach the task using numerical methods (Large Eddy Simulation), the team of Prof. Paschereit is about to conduct experimental investigations on a turbulent, open jet flame in an anechoic room.

The focus is on the influence of momentum, temperature of the premixed reactants (at a constant equivalence ratio), hence the related variations of the length and time scale of turbulent structures, on noise generation inside the flame, caused by fluctuations in the velocity and mixing field. By means of such variations, different combustion regimes can be simulated and covered.

Experimental investigations are performed using laser optical measurement techniques (PIV, LDA), measurements of temperature distribution and temperature field (chemiluminescence), and acoustical microphone measurements in the near and far field. Experimentally acquired data are needed, according to the aim of the project, to draw conclusions on the generation of combustion noise and to compare the results to those calculated numerically by the other participating groups. As such numerical Large Eddy Simulations are very time consuming, experimental methods enable us to cover a broader, extended parameter space. By means of this larger amount of data, it might be possible to establish an empirical model which correlates noise emissions of the flame to test parameters.

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