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Projects - Combustion

Abatement of NOx emissions from pulse detonation combustion

23. October 2017


For a reliable and sustainable energy supply, in addition to the further increase in the use of fluctuating renewable energy, a complementary operation of fl ...

An acoustic time-of-flight approach for unsteady temperature measurements: Characterization of entropy waves in a model gas turbine combustor

26. October 2017

Within the framework of an AG Turbo 2020 project which deals with thermoacoustic instabilities in lean and premixed operated combustors, entropy waves are investigated. Such non-is ...

Thermoacoustic Modification of Test Rigs

20. October 2017

In the development of new gas turbines, low emissions and increased efficiency are two of the main goals. Modern gas turbines therefore rely on lean premixed combustion, which has the downside of potentially rendering the combustion process unstable. So-called thermoacoustic instabilities are high amplitude pressure fluctuations that can arise when pressure fluctuations and unsteady heat release of the flame are in constructive interference. These instabilities can deteriorate the efficiency as well as the emissions and can be the reason for fatigue failures.


13. November 2017

The goal of the project CLEAN-GT was to prove the feasibility of an innovative advanced gas turbine cycle for power generation, the ultra-wet gas turbine. Together with Laborelec/G ...


04. October 2017

Gas turbine engines with sequential combustion systems are characterized by high efficiency, specific work output, and load flexibility. Beyond that, pollutant emissions compliant with legislation, the prevention of thermoacoustic combustion instabilities, and fuel flexibility are crucial for an engine’s competitiveness in today’s power generation market.

Rotating Detonation Engine (RDE)

25. October 2017

The Rotating Detonation Engine (RDE) uses a constant-volume combustion cycle, also known as Pressure Gain Combustion (PGC).

Oxyfuel - H2/O2 Steam Generator

12. October 2017

The production of energy from renewable sources is increasing worldwide in the context of climate change. At the same time as renewables increase, there is a rising demand for energy storage and spinning network reserves, because wind and solar power is pretty unpredictable.

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