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Projects - Thermoacoustics

Non-linear Transfer-Function

08. August 2012

[Translate to english:] Um im stark umkämpften Kraftwerksmarkt international wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, müssen heute hocheffiziente, schadstoffarme und zuverlässige Gasturbi ...

Fibre-Optical Microphone

08. August 2012

[Translate to english:] Durch ein Faser-Optisches Mikrofon (FOM) aus hochtemperaturbeständigen Materialien soll es ermöglicht werden, akustische Messungen dort durchführen zu k ...

Modeling and Control of Combustion Instabilities

08. August 2012

We apply various feedback control schemes based on different actuators and control algorithms. Results for the application of an adaptive control scheme in one of our combustor tes ...

Flame dynamics in response to transverse acoustic excitation

08. August 2012

The focus of this project is to investigate flame dynamics in response to transverse acoustic excitation. The motivation behind this investigation is the need to understand the occurrence of combustion instability in annular combustors.

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