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Peer Reviewed Articles:

C. Y. Schüle, B. Thamsen, B. Blümel, M. Lommel, T. Karakaya, C. O. Paschereit, K. Affeld and U. Kertzscher
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of an Axial Rotary Blood Pump
Artificial Organs,
April  2016
ISSN: 1525-1594


Peer Reviewed Articles:

D. Greenblatt, B. Göksel, I. Rechenberg, C. Y. Schüle, D. Romann and C. O. Paschereit
Dielectric barrier discharge flow control at very low flight Reynolds numbers
AIAA Journal, 46(6):1528-1541
ISBN: 0001-1452

Conference Articles:

T. Schneider, C. Y. Schüle, D. Greenblatt, C. N. Nayeri and C. O. Paschereit
Experimental and computational investigation of active flow control with DBD plasma actuators at low Reynolds numbers
Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows (ICJWSF), Berlin, Germany

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