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TU Berlin

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Principal Investigator

Dr. Alessandro Orchini


Room HF-101
Phone: +49 30 314-28802
Office hours: by appointment

Email: a.orchini(at)tu-berlin.de




Research Assistants

Humbert, Sylvain26697EmailHF-102

Student Assistants



Montagne, Oscar

Rashwan, Mohanad     

Wang, Zifeng 

Rajan, Harish 

Hertel, Tim 

von Saldern, Jakob 

Lin, Meng-Hsueh

Gensini, Fabio 

Paschke, Denis

Review of hydrogen combustion properties

Aero-acoustic experiments

Localization in can-annular thermoacoustics

DMD of rotation detonation waves

Multi-microphone method for high-frequency oscillations

Modelling of can-annular combustors

Design and experimental characterisation of Helmholtz dampers

Experimental investigation of nonlinear modal interaction

CFD characterisation of Flame Describing Functions

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