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Master theses:

Nicolás Dario Cruz Bastidas
Experimentelle Untersuchungen des instationären Strömungsfeldes
Bachelor, TU Berlin, May 2019
K.C. Sabeen
Challenges and approaches to thermodynamic cycle analysis of RDE
Bachelor, TU Berlin, Siemens AG, FDX, March 2019
Paul Müller
Aufbau einer CHT-Simulation eines Abgasturboladers
Master, TU Berlin, BMW Group, February 2019
Maria Isabel Rebolledo Jiménez
Wobbe index variation in gas turbines_Evaluation of the combustion process and plant design
Master, TU Berlin, Siemens AG, February 2019
Qunaj Shkelqim
Evaluation of STAR-CCM+ for the prediction of thermoacoustic instablities in a Siemens heavy-duty gas turbine combustor using Large Eddy Simulation
Master, TU Berlin, Siemens AG, January 2019
Jan Böhnke
Development and application of laser-based and optical diagnostics for swirling flames, burning pre-vaporized liquid fuels
Master, DLR, TU Berlin, January 2019
Oliver Coulmann
Development and implementation of a novel element tracing method for a reaction path analysis and its application on a NOx path analysis for deflagration and detonation processes
Master, TU Berlin, January 2019


Master theses:

Khadka Niroj
A literature review on hydrodynamic stability and flow control in hydro turbines
Bachelor, TU Berlin, December 2018
Felix Hendrik Schulze
Analyse von Zündverzugs- und Ausbrandzeiten alternativer Brennstoffe für Motoren mit homogener Kompressionszündung
Bachelor, TU Berlin, December 2018
Albert Bauer
Numerical modeling of combustion instabilities in a Silo Combustor
Master, TU Berlin, Siemens AG, December 2018
Nadine Smolka
Numerical study of the influence of deformation on transition and hysteresis behaviour of separation mechanisms in thrust-optimized parabolic rocket nozzles
Master, DLR, TU Berlin, November 2018
Sebastian Weiss
Investigation of reactancts mixing in a rotating detonation combustor using compressible RANS
Master, TU Berlin, November 2018

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