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Chair of Unsteady Thermodynamics in Gas Turbine Processes

Since 2016, the research field Thermodynamics in dynamic gas turbine processes is an independent field of ISTA affiliated. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. sc. P. Stathopoulos the department is housed in the premises of the Hermann Föttinger Institute. Due to the close cooperation with the research focus combustion of the field of experimental fluid mechanics (Prof. Dr. -Ing C.O. Paschereit) and for reasons of economy, the website of the field of combustion dynamics is initially developed at this point.




Scientific Field Trip

A field trip to visit the hybrid power plant of Enertrag in Prenzlau has been arranged for students of 'Energy Storage Processes' by Prof. Stathopoulos. It will include a workshop on the technology and its potential in the context of energy transition and storage. This one-day scientific trip will be on 01.03.2019.


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