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Heat transfer measurements in hydrogen enriched flames


Combustor cooling is a crucial issue especially when alternative fuels like hydrogen are burned in swirl stabilized combustors. The difference in radiation and convection heat transfer between conventional fuels and hydrogen enriched fuels may require fundamental changes in the design of the cooling systems for these combustion chambers. This issue becomes even more prevalent in oxy-combustion applications, where the steam content of the exhaust gases is even higher.


Aims and tasks


  • A simple calibration facility for heat flux sensors based on radiation and conductive measurements shall be designed and constructed
  • Several existing heat lux sensors will be calibrated
  • The calibrated sensors will be integrated in two combustion rigs of the chair of fluid dynamics
  • Heat flux measurements will be carried out in hydrogen enriched flames and H2/O2 flames





  • Basic knowledge of heat transfer theory and thermodynamics
  • Previous experience is simple experiments is of advantage
  • Willingness to start a knew research field in the chair and address relevant challenges of experimental work is necessary




Prof. Dr. sc Panagiotis Stathopoulos

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