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Projects - Windenergy


04. February 2021

Qblade is an open source wind turbine calculation software, distributed under the GPL. The motivation for this was to create a one solution software for the design and aerodynamica ...

Research Wind Turbine

20. August 2019

Within the framework of the research project Experimental assessment of active flow control techniques for wind turbines with a wind tunnel demonstrator funded by the German ...

Thick Airfoil Dynamic Stall

20. August 2019

The vast majority of dynamic stall research to date was motivated by the load oscillations on helicopter blades and therefore focuses on thin airfoils at Re>106. In the built en ...

wing for active flow control

20. August 2019

[Translate to english:] Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit wird auf Basis des NACA 0018 Profils ein Tragflügel mit aktiver Strömungskontrolle entwickelt und hergestellt. Über die zwei Hohl ...

Smart Blade

20. August 2019

[Translate to english:] In Zusammenarbeit mit Smart Blade GmbH werden die wirkungsvollsten und interessantesten Ele ...

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