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Research Wind Turbine

DFG Forschungsturbine im Windkanal
DFG Forschungwindenergieanlage im Windkanal (Foto)

Within the framework of the research project Experimental assessment of active flow control techniques for wind turbines with a wind tunnel demonstrator funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) the large wind tunnel of the Hermann-Föttinger Institute was modified and a wind turbine was installed. The turbine has a rotor diameter of 3 m and is equipped with interchangable blades. The cross section of the wind tunnel at this position is 4,2 x 4,2 m and wind speeds of up to 7 m/s can be achieved. The advantage of this apparatus is the easy access to all relevant components, the possibility to use modern measurement techniques and high availability at low costs.

The focus of the research project is the investigation of active flow control methods for the reduction of dynamic loads on wind turbines under complex inflow conditions.

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