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Turbulence and Flow Control II

Isoflächendarstellung von turbulenten Wirbelstrukturen in freier Scherströmung

Time and Place

This information is provided in the course overview on the TU-Homepage (course id 0531 L 223):
Course overview


Free and wall-bounded flows, non-reacting as well as reacting, are present everywhere in nature and technology. The recognition and understanding of their behavior is the basis of the design, efficiency, and lifespan of many machines. The goal of the course “Turbulent Flows” is to convey the foundation, advanced concepts, and applications of the physical mechanism of turbulent flows.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. O. Paschereit
Dr. Kilian Oberleithner
M.Sc. Tom Tanneberger


The online portion and actual details to the course are accessible using the online platform “Moodle.” All students in the course should register on this platform.

Lecture: Di 10-12 Uhr, TK 017

Exercise: Do 10-12 Uhr, MB 13 (first at 27.4.17)

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