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Automotive and Building Aerodynamics

CFD-Simulation einer Rauchfahnenausbreitung

Time and Place

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The course deals with flows around blunt bodies, which either move along the ground (e.g. automobiles, trucks, trains) or lie stationary in the path of a flow (e.g. buildings).

  • Introduction to the aerodynamics of blunt bodies.
  • Fundamental mechanisms for lift and drag of automobiles.
  • Methods of reducing drag by means of lift production.
  • Aspects to the design of automobiles taking into account the flow around and through the body.
  • Overview of numeric and experimental methods of investigation.
  • Performance of wind tunnel investigations on vehicle models
  • Introduction of the aerodynamics of high-speed trains
  • Introduction to the fluid mechanics of buildings in a flow


  • Fundamentals of fluid dynamics
  • Basic understanding of English

Course Format

  • Integrated course, 2 STE (4 SWS, 6 ECTS)
  • Group work, for presentations and lab reports
  • Languages: English (German)
  • Exam: Oral exam with Prof. Paschereit


Dr.-Ing. C. N. Nayeri
Prof. Lennart Löfdahl, Chalmers University of Technology

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