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Fluid Mechanics II - Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Time and Place

This is a second-half semester course.


Lecture: Tue 08-10 in H1012 and Thu 08-10 in H1012

Tutorial: Wed 14-18 in C130


1st Lecture 02.06.2020

1st Tutorial 03.06.2020


Due to the current situation all lectures will be pre-recorded and made available online over the ISIS portal. For questions and feedback we can be reached either through the (greatly expanded) contact hours or per email at stroemungslehre@fd.tu-berlin.de.


This information is also provided in the course overview on the TU-Homepage (course id 0531 L 210 and 0531 L 211):

zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Access to the course will be provided via sending the following information to the email link provided above: stroemungslehre@fd.tu-berlin.de

  • Surname and given name
  • Student number
  • Course of study
  • University of study

You will receive shortly thereafter an email with the login credentials for the ISIS course.


  • Potential flows
  • Vortex flows (Biot-Savart Law, Lifting-line Theory)
  • Boundary layer flows (Prandtl Boundary Layer Equation, Blasius’ Theorem)
  • Turbulent incompressible flows (Reynolds Equations, Universal Velocity Profile, Laminar-Turbulent Transistion)
  • Flows in compressible media


4 SWS oder 2 STE or 6 LP


Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. O. Paschereit
M.Sc. Joseph Saverin

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