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Combustion project

Slot burner.
Flame structure.

Time and Location

The project takes place as a 4 week block course during the semester break at the end of the winter semester. Interested students have to register until 17.02.2016.

Scheduled prospective start: 20.03.2016


  • work on a specific question from the field of combustion technology (e.g. laminar burning velocity, exhaust gas composition/ pollutant poformation, ignition delay times) based on experimental methods employing modern measurement technologies and/ or simulations with the software package cantera
  • choice of a suitable method for processing and analysis of the obtained data and comparison to literature data, evaluation of the methods and their uncertainties


4 SWS or 6 LP


M. Sc. Lisa Zander
Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Djordjevic

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