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Wind Energy Laboratory

Module: Wind Energy Laboratory

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The modularly structured course consists of a compulsory course as well as two elective events, only one of which must be attended.

Compulsory course:

Workshop during every semester break: “Construction of a small Wind Turbine” (course id: 3531 L 024)

Elective courses:

1. Course during the winter semester: “Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines” (course id: 3531 L 025)

2. Course during the summer semester: “Measurement Techniques and Wind Tunnel testing” (course id: 3531 L 026)


Compulsory course:

Construction of a small Wind Turbine

·         manufacture all relevant parts of a fully functioning small wind turbine

·         practical, manual work in the workshops of the TU Berlin

·         self-organization in small groups and independent time management and working methods

Elective courses:

1. Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines

·         application-oriented simulation with the simulation software “QBlade”

·         Airfoil & Blade design

·         BEM Simulations

·         Structural Analysis

·         aeroelastic simulation of wind turbines

2. Measurement Techniques and Wind Tunnel testing

·         measurements on generator, charging electronics and wind tunnel tests

·         use of measurement technology

·         analysis of electro-technical interrelations

·         evaluation and data analysis

·         small programming tasks

Time and location:

The course “Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines” takes place in the WS 2017/2018 on Wednesday from 2 to 4 pm.

The time and location of the compulsory course will be intimate as soon as possible and can be found with the course id in the education calendar/course directory.

The course can be completed in one semester.


Per semester 6 SWS or 6 LP (ECTS)


The module based on the "Wind Energy - Fundamentals", "Wind Energy - Project/Deepening" and “Fluid Dynamics I + II". Therefore, the mentioned courses are highly recommended but not a mandatory prerequisite.


Registration for the module in the WS 2017/2018 can be done by e-mail from Monday, 18th September -  Monday, 2nd October 2017  by writing an e-mail, subject “Wind Energy Laboratory Registration” to


If the number of applications exceeds the number of places available to attendees, the participants will be selected by lottery (Los-Verfahren).

The course is part of the module list within  M.Sc.Physikalische Ingenieurwissenschaft, M.Sc. Maschinenbau and M.Sc. Regenerative Energiesysteme (Status 12.07.2017)

Other students can attend the course as “Freie Wahl”.


M.Sc. Alexander Breitenbach, Tel: +4930 314-23420, e-mail: a.vonbreitenbach(at)tu-berlin.de


Fluid Mechanics I - Fundamental Fluid Mechanics

Time and Location

This is a half semester course.


Lecture: Wed 12-14 H2013 and Thu 08-10 H1012 

Tutorial: Tue 14-18 C130


1st Lecture 10/19/2016

1st Tutorial 10/25/2016


This information is also provided in the course overview on the TU-Homepage (course id 0531 L 210 and 0531 L 211):
course overview


  • Properties of liquids and gases
  • Hydrostatics
  • Kinematics
  • Streamline theory (Bernoulli Equation)
  • Frictionless flows (Euler Equation)
  • Viscous flows (Navier-Stokes Equation)


4 SWS oder 2 STE or 6 LP


Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. O. Paschereit
M.Sc. Juliane Peukert / M.Sc. Joseph Saverin

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