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Gasturbines and Thermoacoustics


The lecture "Gasturbines and Thermoacoustics" takes place in the winter semester and consists of 4 blocks. Each block lasts for 3 to 4 days.

Registration is not required.

The lecture notes will be provided on the corresponding ISIS website some time before the block starts. The required password will be announced in the first block or can be requested at the responsible PhD student (see contact below).

ISIS Course-Site


Part 1:

Lecturer: Valter Bellucci (Winterthur Gas & Diesel)


Wednesday - Friday

01.11.17: 16 - 20 Uhr - MB 13A

02.11.17: 16 - 20 Uhr - MB 13A

03.11.17: 08 - 12 Uhr - H 3012

Language: English

Part 2:

Lecturer: Felix Güthe (GE Power, Baden)


Wednesday - Friday

15.11.17: 16 - 20 Uhr - MB 13A

16.11.17: 16 - 20 Uhr - MB 13A

17.11.17: 08 - 12 Uhr - H 3012

Language: German or English

Part 3:

Lecturer: Mirko Bothien (Ansaldo Energia)


Wednesday - Friday

13.12.17: to be announced

14.12.17: to be announced

15.12.17: to be announced

Language: English

Part 4:

Lecturer: Werner Krebs (Siemens AG Power Generation)


Tuesday - Friday

planned for CW 6 in 2018

Language: German or English


  • gasturbine basics
  • thermodynamic cycles
  • aeroengines and stationary gasturbines
  • compressor and turbine
  • cooling and secondary air flow systems
  • operation and control of gasturbines
  • Combustors (fuel injection, different types of fuel, combustor aerodynamics, flame stabilization: aerodynamic stabilization, swirl-stabilized flames)
  • combustion basics (premixed and non-premixed flames, flame speed, emissions, mixing, reaction kinetics, heat transfer)
  • acoustic basics (wave propagation, entropy waves, acoustic characterization of combustors, sources of sound)
  • acoustic measurement methods
  • thermoacoustic instabilities (basics, generation, analysis, modeling, control)


Funded knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics advantageous.


Integrated lecture, 2 STE (4 SWS), 6 ECTS credits

Exam: oral exam with Prof. Paschereit (also in English)

Lecture notes: presentation slides as PDF


Tim Rähse, M.Sc.

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