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Module Wind Energy Laboratory

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The 6 ECTS module  „Wind Energy Laboratory“ is a newly developed course with the intention of giving students with academic experience in wind energy the chance to deepen their existing knowledge in the topic. The development of the course is funded by the program “Studienreformprojekt” and has been undertaken as a co-work of the “FG Experimentelle Strömungsmechanik” and “FG Fluidsystemdynamik”.

The course "Wind Energy Laboratory" is about the active transfer of application-oriented software knowledge. The simulation program "QBlade" is used within a one-semester course for aerodynamic as well as for aeroelastic simulation. Through application examples, simulations and supervised programming tasks, the students are given competences in the independent handling of the software, and existing knowledge from previous lectures is deliberately deepened and expanded. In addition, the course prepares the participating students for assignments in the area of ​​wind energy research by dealing with scientific-oriented questions.

The course "Wind Energy Laboratory" gives insight to wind turbine simulation software QBlade. The course covers airfoil selection, aerodynamic & structural blade design and aeroelastic simulations using the NREL software FAST – Code (Fatigue, Aerodynamics, Structures and Turbulence). The students attending this course will be learning the basic design methods of horizontal axis wind turbines and carry out certification-relevant Design Load Case simulations according to the DIN 61400.



The module is based on the "Wind Energy - Fundamentals", "Wind Energy-Project / Deepening" and "Fluid Dynamics I + II". Therfore, the mentioned courses are highly recommended.

The course is part of the module list within

  • M.Sc. Physikalische Ingenieurwissenschaft in section 2.2b (Strömungsmechanik Ergänzungsbereich) and section 3 (Projektmodule)
  • M.Sc. Maschinenbau in section 2.3 (Produkte)
  • M.Sc. Regenerative Energiesysteme in section "EVT-Pflichtlabor II" as a "Projekt"

All other students may attend the course as "Freie Wahl" and can contact the "Prüfungsobmann/obfrau" of their course of studies for possible exceptions.


Due to a limitation of available participants, pre-registration to the course is required. Please register to the course via the link below until the 16th October 2018, 12 am. The registration link will be opened on 01.10.2018.



If the number of participants exceeds the number of available, there will be a lottery.


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