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Fundamentals of Combustion


This course will provide an introductory overview to the fundamentals of combustion. Students will gain familiarity with the basic concepts responsible for sustaining and controlling a combustion front. The course will build from the governing equations describing the unique balance of transport processes in a flame and will begin to explore some of the unique features occurring in these complex phenomena.

4 SWS IV (6LP), Language: English


  • Thermodynamics of multi-component gas-phase systems.
  • Introduction to reaction kinetics, including: chemical equilibrium, reaction rates, Arrhenius reaction rates, law of mass action, steady approximations for radicals, and partial equilibrium assumptions.
  • Reaction networks and emissions formation pathways.
  • Flame theory and governing equations. Derivation of governing equations and analytic approaches to laminar burning velocity.
  • Laminar premixed and diffusion flames, with emphasis on flame structure, stabilization, and phenomena.

Course Description

The fundamental and theoretical aspects of the course will be covered in twice-weekly integrated online lectures. These lectures will present the theoretical concepts and will incorporate exercises (in groups and/or under-supervision) to demonstrate the key concepts. During the semester, students will be obligated to complete ~5 homework assignments (alone or in small groups at the student’s discretion). A written, open-book, open-note final exam will compose the last component of the evaluation.

Dates (online)

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00 - 12:00

Lecture Period: 10.11.2020 - 25.02.2021

Previous Experience

Comprehension of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics will be helpful.


Please contact Prof. Bohon for ISIS log in information. https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=25826


Prof. Myles Bohon, E-Mail: m.bohon(at)tu-berlin.de

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