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LabVIEW programming for engineers


Combined lecture and exercise (IV) with 4 SWS / 6 LP

Number: 3531 L 8874


Students learn within this course how to create measurement and control programs. They acquire the knowledge of measurement-systems, sensors, and develop their own LabVIEW programs. The course offers links to other engineering fields, e.g. measurements, automation, electronics, programming and data analysis.
Module is based on direct teaching, self-reliant learning as well as online material. Students use hard- and software within the courses. Supervised programming time is provided if needed. This module uses the English version of LabVIEW and therefor English literature is essential.
Students attending this course will be able to finally attend the test to become Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD).

Time and place

This course will be held as an intensive block course of two weeks (full time: 8:30-17:00). Students will attend two lectures daily, completed by programming tasks. The detailed time and place will be published here. A pre-course registration is necessary but at the earliest 4 weeks in advance of the course. Details will be published on this website. Contact David Holst if you have any questions.

Next courses:

  • 24.02.2020 - 06.03.2020 (10 students)
    Enrollment opens: Sunday 26.01.2020 at 20:00. (course enrollment closed)
  • 03.08.2020 - 14.08.2020 (6 students)
    Enrollment opens: Sunday 05.07.2020 at 20:00. Link: course enrollment
    We had to reduce the number of students to 6 instead of 10 persons due to the actual situation. All of the following explanations are valid for the fist 6 students. Students from the waiting list are not allowed to drop by the first day.
    The course will be held in person but with additional hygiene regulations, i.e. wear a mouth and nose protection if the minimal distance is not ensured.

  • approx. Feb/Mar 2021 (10 students)
    Enrollment opens: date to be announced here
    (Enrollment starts approx. 4 weeks in advance of the course)

The enrollment for the courses opens the announced day at 20:00. The first 10 students enrolled under the following link course enrollment can join the course. The following students are in waiting position and will be informed in case of an free position.

An enrollment number (Anmeldenummer) is displayed in the end. Students with numbers 1 to 10 can join the course. Nevertheless each student has to be at the course in the morning of the first course day. In case that a student does not join the first morning, students from the waiting list will follow up directly.

The waiting list starts with enrollment number (Anmeldenummer) 11. The students with numbers 11 and 12 are encouraged to come to the course the first morning to follow up directly if a student with number 1-10 does not appear.


The course teaches basic and advanced LabVIEW contents, e.g.

  • Data types
  • Basic functions (loops, arrays, sequences)
  • Basic programming structures (state machine, queued message handler)
  • File access (writing, reading)
  • Measurement hardware
  • Network communication

The final part of the course, CLAD certification test, will be held approx. 2 weeks after the end of the block course.

Course requirements


  • Introduction to information technology for engineers (or equivalent)


  • Basic knowledge measurement techniques
  • Basic knowledge electronics


David Holst

Auxiliary Functions / Extras

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