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Archivierte Seminarvorträge

Friday, 27. November 2015 14:15

Numerical analysis of the flame dynamics in a reheat combustor

By: M. Sc. Lisa Zander (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 13. November 2015 14:45

Introducing Spectral Proper Orthogonal Decomposition: Superior identification of coherent structures in turbulent flows

By: M. Sc. Moritz Sieber (ISTA, HFI)

Friday, 13. November 2015 14:15

Theoretical and numerical studies of sound propagation in low-Mach-number duct flows

By: Chenyang Weng (DLR)

Friday, 06. November 2015 14:15

Theory and application of an analytical approach for the determination of the transmission of sound waves through a stator

By: Peter Puttkammer (DLR)

Tuesday, 03. November 2015 16:00

Why large turbulence scales are the only contributor to jet noise

By: Ulf Michel (CFD Software Development and Research GmbH, Berlin)