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A thesis at the chair of fluid dynamics, registered after April the 12th 2013, should comply with these guidelines.

Also note further hints and tips for writing a thesis.


Thesis topics presently available are listed here for Bachelor and Master theses.

If interested, please contact the respective contact person. In the case that none of the listed topics meet your interests, it is worth taking a look at our  Project overview. Interesting topics continually arise, which are not yet entered into our list. Please contact the respective project lead.


Master thesis modeling time response of micro-tabs

24. March 2015

Modeling time response of micro-tabs

Master thesis analysis of micro-tabs

24. March 2015

Analysis of micro-tabs under high angles of attack

Experimental investigation of a truck model

14. January 2014

Design and construction of a truck-model and implementation of the required measurement techniques

Thesis: Experimental Studies of Fluidic Oscillators

29. January 2014

time-resolved pressure measurements, PIV, Schlieren optics

Hydrogen Bunsen Flame

08. January 2014

The influence of steam on the burning velocity, the flame temperature and emissions is experimentally assessed. An existing burner will be modified towards higher outlet velocities ...

QBlade Thesis

25. April 2012