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Experimental Studies of Fluidic Oscillators

Visualisierung von PIV-Messdaten im Fluidischen Oszillator (click-to-play)

Proposal for theses


For today’s research in aerodynamic design, active flow control is an interesting field which allows the reduction of fuel consumption, or noise, or increasing the lift and controllability of aircraft. In order to achieve these objectives, efficient, effective, and practical actuators need to be designed and developed. Some promising designs are derived from fluidic oscillators (see figure). These actuators are small devices which emit a self-oscillating jet without the need for any moving parts. Lately, fluidic oscillators have been tested successfully in a wide range of applications. However, a lag of knowledge regarding the driving mechanisms, the properties, and the design parameters still persists. Therefore, several thesis topics (Bachelor & Master) are offered investigating the properties of various oscillator designs and their application.


  • Experiments with various measurement techniques (e.g., time-resolved pressure measurements, PIV, Schlieren optics)
  • Data analysis of the acquired data
  • Comparison of the results to data from literature and numerical studies


  • Basic knowledge of flow mechanics and measurement techniques
  • Skills in Matlab
  • Ability to work independently


If you are interested, please send a copy of your transcript and cv to the following contact:

Dr.-Ing. C. N. Naveri

M. Sc. Florian Ostermann


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