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TU Berlin

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Highlighted Research Results

Below is a selection of recently published and ongoing research results.

An empirical model for predicting pressure gain for rotating detonation combustors

Bach, E., Paschereit, C.O., Stathopoulos, P., Bohon, M.D., "An empirical model for stagnation pressure gain in rotating detonation combustors," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (Accepted) (2020): pp. XXX-XXX. [link]

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Pressure gain measurements using Kiel probes

Bach, E., Stathopoulos, P., Paschereit, C.O., Bohon, M.D., "Performance analysis of a rotating detonation combustor based on stagnation pressure measurements," Combustion and Flame 217 (2020): pp. 21-36. [link]

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