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Begutachtete Artikel:

R. Soto-Valle, S. Cioni, S. Bartholomay, M. Manolesos, C. N. Nayeri, A. Bianchini und C. O. Paschereit
Vortex identification methods applied to wind turbine tip vortices
eawe, Wind Energ. Sci.,, (7):585 – 602
März  2022
M. Reumschüssel, J. von Saldern, Y. Li, C. O. Paschereit und A. Orchini
Gradient-free optimization in thermoacoustics: application to alow-order model
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 144(5)
Februar  2022
ISSN: 0742-4795


Begutachtete Artikel:

S. Ahmed, S. Pawar, O. San, A. Rasheed, T. Iliescu und B. R. Noack
On closures for reduced order models — A spectrum of first-principle to machine-learned avenues
Physics of Fluids, 33(5):33
September  2021
S. Humbert, J. Moeck, A. Orchini und C. O. Paschereit
Effect of an azimuthal mean flow on the structure and stability of thermoacoustic modes in an annular combustor model with electroacoustic feedback
Juni  2021
N., Neumann, M. Asli, N. Garan, D. Peitsch und P. Stathopoulos
A fast approach for unsteady compressor performance simulation under boundary condition caused by pressure gain combustion
Applied Thermal Engineering, 196
S. Perez-Becker, D. Marten und C. O. Paschereit
Active flap control with the trailing edge flap hinge moment as a sensor: Using it to estimate local blade inflow conditions and to reduce extreme blade loads and deflections.
Wind Energy Science, 6(3):791 - 814
R. Soto-Valle, S. Bartholomay, M. Manolesos, C. N. Nayeri und C. O., Paschereit
Airfoil shaped vortex generators applied on a research wind turbine
AIAA 2021, 1413
R. Soto-Valle, S. Noci, F. Papi, S. Bartholomay, C. N. Nayeri, C. O. Paschereit und A. Bianchini
Development and assessment of a method to determine the angle of attack on an operating wind turbine by matching onboard pressure measurements with panel method simulations
ATI 2021, 312:12
ISSN: eISSN: 2267-1242
M. Sieber, C. O. Paschereit und K. Oberleithner
Impact of density stratification on the global mode in a swirling jet: Stochastic modelling and Lagrangian coherent structures
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 90
S. Perez-Becker, D. Marten, C. N. Nayeri und C. O. Paschereit
Implementation and validation of an advanced wind energy controller in aero-servo-elastic simulations using the lifting line free vortex wake model
Energies, 14(3)
M. Lommel, V. Froese, M. Sieber, M. Jentzsch, T. Bierewirtz, Ü. Hasirci, T. Rese, J. Seefeldt, S. Schimek, U. Kertzscher und C. O. Paschereit
Novel measurement system for respiratory aerosols and droplets in indoor environments
Indoor Air, 31(6):1860--1873
S. Bartholomay, T. Wester, S. Perez-Becker, S. Konze, C. Menzel, M. Hölling, A. Spickenheuer, J. Peinke, C. N. Nayeri, C. O Paschereit und Kilian Oberleithner K.
Pressure-based lift estimation and its application to feed forward load control employing trailing-edge flaps
eawe, Wind Energy Science, (6):221 - 245

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