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Begutachtete Artikel:

J. Alber, M. Manolesos, G. Weinzierl-Dlugosch, J. Fischer, A. Schönmeier, C. N. Nayeri, C. O. Paschereit, J. Twele, J. Fortmann, P. F. Melani und A. Bianchini
Experimental investigation of Mini Gurney Flaps in combination with vortex generators for improved wind turbine blade performance
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss. [preprint,
M. Sieber, C. O. Paschereit und K. Oberleithner
Impact of density stratification on the global mode in a swirling jet: Stochastic modelling and Lagrangian coherent structures
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 90
S. Perez-Becker, D. Marten, C. N. Nayeri und C. O. Paschereit
Implementation and validation of an advanced wind energy controller in aero-servo-elastic simulations using the lifting line free vortex wake model
Energies, 14(3)
M. Lommel, V. Froese, M. Sieber, M. Jentzsch, T. Bierewirtz, Ü. Hasirci, T. Rese, J. Seefeldt, S. Schimek, U. Kertzscher und C. O. Paschereit
Novel measurement system for respiratory aerosols and droplets in indoor environments
Indoor Air, 31(6):1860--1873
J. Müller, M. Sieber, I. Litvinov, S. Shtork, S. Alekseenko und K. Oberleithner
Prediction of vortex precession in the draft tube of a model hydro turbine using mean field stability theory and stochastic modelling
IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 774 (2021) 012003, IOP Publishing, 774(1):10
ISSN: 17551307
15 Jun 2021 DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1755-1315/774/1/012003
S. Bartholomay, T. Wester, S. Perez-Becker, S. Konze, C. Menzel, M. Hölling, A. Spickenheuer, J. Peinke, C. N. Nayeri, C. O Paschereit und Kilian Oberleithner K.
Pressure-based lift estimation and its application to feed forward load control employing trailing-edge flaps
eawe, Wind Energy Science, (6):221 - 245
M. Sieber, Paschereit, C. O. und K. Oberleithner
Stochastic modelling of a noise-driven global instability in a turbulent swirling jet
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 916(A7):36

Beiträge zu Sammlungen:

Y. Schubert, M. Sieber, K. Oberleithner und R. Martinuzzi
Data-driven identification of robust low-order models for dominant dynamics in turbulent flows
In Ö. Ramis, A. Talamelli, J. Peinke und M. Oberlack, Editor, Springer Proceedings in Physics Band 267 aus Springer eBook Collection
Seite 159 - 165.
Verlag: Springer, Cham
ISBN: 978-3-030-80715-3
M. Sieber, C. O. Paschereit und K. Oberleithner
Identification of a stochastic Hopf bifurcation from stationary measurement data of a turbulent flow
In Ö. Ramis, A. Talamelli, J. Peinke und M. Oberlack, Editor, Springer Proceedings in Physics Band 267 aus Springer eBook Collection
Seite 153 - 158.
Verlag: Springer, Cham


S. Humbert, F. Gensini, A. Andreini, C. O. Paschereit und A. Orchini
Nonlinear analysis of self-sustained oscillations in an annular combustor model with electroacoustic feedback
Band 38 , 4 aus Proceedings of the Combustion Instittue
Verlag: Elsevier,
M. Reumschüssel, J. von Saldern, T. Kaiser, T. Reichel, J.-P. Beuth, B. Ćosić, F. Genin, K. Oberleithner und C. O. Paschereit
NOx Emission Modelling for Lean Premixed Industrial Combustors With a Diffusion Pilot Burner
Band Volume 3A: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions aus Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air


Begutachtete Artikel:

J. von Saldern, A. Orchini und J. Moeck
Analysis of thermoacoustic modes in can-annular combustors using effective bloch-type boundary conditions
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power,
November  2020
ISSN: 0742-4795

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