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Begutachtete Artikel:

J. Wendler, D. Marten, G. Pechlivanoglou, C. N. Nayeri und C. O. Paschereit
An Unsteady Aerodynamics Model for Lifting Line Free Vortex Wake Simulations of HAWT and VAWT in QBlade
Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2016, June 13-17, 2016, Seoul, South Korea, 9: Oil and Gas Applications; Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles; Wind Energy:11 Pages
D. Marten, S. Bianchini, G. Pechlivanoglou, F. Balduzzi, C. N. Nayeri, G. Ferrara, C. O. Paschereit und L. Ferrari
Effects of Airfoil's Polar Data in the Stall Region on the Estimation of Darrieus Wind Turbine Performance
ASME, 139(2):9
P. Stathopoulos, P. Kuhn, J. Wendler, T. Tanneberger, S. Terhaar, C. O. Paschereit, C. Schmalhofer, P. Griebel und M. Aigner
Emissions of a wet premixed flame of natural gas and a mixture with hydrogen at high pressure
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 139(4):8
T. G. Reichel, C. O. Paschereit und O. Christian
Interaction Mechanisms of Fuel Momentum with Flashback Limits in Lean-Premixed Combustion of Hydrogen
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41
ISSN: 03603199
J. S. Schäpel, T. G. Reichel, R. Klein, C. O. Paschereit, O. Christian und R. King
Online Optimization Applied to a Shockless Explosion Combustor
processes, 4(4)
ISSN: 03603199
J. Gray, J. Vinkeloe, J. P. Moeck, C. O. Paschereit, P. Stathopoulos, P. Berndt und R. Klein
Thermodynamic Evaluation of Pulse Detonation Combustion for Gas Turbine Power Cycles
Proceedings of ASME Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition. Seoul, South Korea, June 13–17, 2016, Volume 4B: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions(Paper No. GT2016-57813, pp. V04BT04A044):9
ISBN: 978-0-7918-4976-7

Beiträge zu Büchern:

L. Kabiraj, A. Saurabh, H. Nawroth, C. O. Paschereit, R. I. Sujith und N. Karimi
Recurrence Plots and Their Quantifications: Expanding Horizons: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Recurrence Plots, Grenoble, France, 17-19 June 2015
In L. C. Webber Jr., C. Ioana und N. Marwan, Editor,
Kapitel Recurrence Plots for the Analysis of Combustion Dynamics, Seite 321-339.
Verlag: Springer International Publishing,
ISBN: 978-3-319-29922-8


D. Marten, M. Lennie, C. N. Nayeri und C. O. Paschereit
Nonlinear Lifting Line Theory Applied To Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: Development of a Practical Design Tool
:8 , Seite 8.

Beiträge zu Sammlungen:

C. O. Paschereit, K. Oberleithner M. Sieber
Identification of unstable coherent modes in reacting swirling flows and their control
54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting aus AIAA SciTech
Verlag: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
C. N. Nayeri, C. Strangfeld, C. Zellmann, M. Schober, A. Tietze und C. O. Paschereit
The Influence of Wind Tunnel Grid Turbulence on Aerodynamic Coefficients of Trains
In A. Dillmann und A. Orellano, Editor, The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles III Band 79 aus Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics
Seite 133-141.
Verlag: Springer International Publishing,
ISBN: 978-3-319-20121-4
C. N. Nayeri, J. Glas und C. O. Paschereit
Towing Tank Experiments for Bluff Body Aerodynamics
In A. Orellano A. Dillmann, Editor, The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles III: Trucks, Buses and Trains Band 79 aus Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics
Verlag: Springer International Publishing,
ISBN: 978-3-319-20121-4 (Print) 978-3-319-20122-1 (Online)


A. Scarpato, L. Zander, R. Kulkarni und B. Schuermans
Identification of multi-parameter flame transfer function for a reheat combustor
ASME Proceedings, Band 4B, Cobustion, Fuels and Emissions
Juni  2016
ISBN: 978-0-7918-4976-7

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