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Aeroacoustic coupling in can-annular combustors

16. September 2021

In can-annular combustors, each flame burns in an essentially isolated manner in a can. The cans, however, are coupled at the downstream end by a small annular manifold that connec ...

Adjoint-based perturbation theory

16. September 2021

Thermoacoustic eigenvalues are known to be very sensitive to small variations in the operating conditions and geometry. The first order (linear) sensitivity of the eigenvalues can  ...

Data-based modelling and machine learning

16. September 2021

The recent advent of powerful algorithms able to extract information from large sets of data without the need of accurately modelling physical systems is having a large impact on t ...

Role of exceptional points in the thermoacosutic spectrum

16. September 2021

Exceptional points (EPs) are ubiquitous in physics. They are peculiar degenerate eigenvalues that appear in the spectrum of any non-conservative system when one (or more) parameter ...

Symmetry-induced degeneracies and symmetry breaking

17. September 2021

Combustion in gas turbines and aeroengines takes place in combustion chambers that have a nominal (discrete) rotational symmetry. The presence of symmetries induces some thermoacou ...

Nonlinear heat release rate response

16. September 2021

Thermoacoustic instabilities can be predicted by means of linear stability theory. When one or more modes are unstable, however, it is the nonlinear response of the heat released b ...

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