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Innovative gas turbine processes and their modelling

Time and Location 

Wednesday8:00 - 10:00HF 212
Friday12:00 - 14:00HF 212





  • Steady state (on and off-design) and transient modeling of gas turbine power plants and evaluation of their energetic performance.
  • Introduction to transient and off-design operations in actual power plants based on actual examples of combined cycle power plants.
  • Modeling and energetic evaluation of novel gas turbine processes.



  • Modelling of micro gas turbines for combined heat and power applications
  • The exercise of the lecture will be structured like an actual research project. Student will learn how research projects are planned, structured, carried out and evaluated.
  • Students accompanied by a researcher of the chair will carry out experiments in an actual micro gas turbine.
  • Apply the modelling techniques learned in the lecture to model the micro gas turbine of the lab.
  • Reflect on the results of the models based on their comparison to the experiments carried out in the lab.
  • A final roll out presentation of the results during the experiments and the modelling tasks will be carried out in the form of an information marketplace. The students will learn how to present their results to their peers in a concise way.


Content of the lecture

  • Introduction in gas turbines and their applications in the energy sector
  • Introduction in micro gas turbines and distributed CHP (combined heat and power) plants
  • Introduction in the transient operations of gas turbine power plants
  • 0-D steady state modelling of gas turbines at design point
  • 0-D off-design modelling of gas turbines and micro gas turbines
  • 0-D transient modelling of industrial gas turbines and micro gas turbines
  • Analysis of novel gas turbine cycles. Some examples of the cycles to be studied are the following:
    •  Steam injected gas turbines
    • Humid air gas turbines
    • Maisotsenko cycle gas turbines
    • Integrated gasification combined cycle systems
    • Constant volume combustion gas turbines
    • Thermal solar gas turbines
    • Compressed air energy storage systems with gas turbines
  • Methods to structure and carry out research projects
  • Measurements in an actual micro gas turbine installed in the lab of the chair for fluid dynamics
  • Applying the models to the micro gas turbine in the lab
  • Verification of the models based on the results of the measurements and discussion



Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Stathopoulos

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