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Visualization of an acoustic field in an annular configuration.

Thermoacoustic instabilities arise due to the constructive feedback between unsteady heat release fluctuations and combustor acoustics. They are strongly undesirable, as they lead to unwanted structural vibrations limiting the operating range of gas turbines and aeroengines. One of the tools used by industry to assess thermoacoustics are 3D acoustic Finite Element solvers, together with experimental data and detailed LES simulations.

Thesis description

This projects aims at validating an in-house developed software, WavesAndEigenvalues (programming language Julia), for the calculation of thermoacoustic eigenvalues, using results from the commercial software COMSOL as a benchmark. Three test-cases in increasing level of complexity will be tested, starting from a 1D duct, to a (quasi)2D annular combustion chamber, and lastly a complex 3D, industrial relevant configuration. The validation will compare eigenvalues and modeshapes identified with the two software. Attention will also be given at the performance of the various eigenvalue solvers available in each software.

This work will be conducted together with Dr. Giovanni Campa from Ansaldo Energia, Genova (Italy).


Your profile

You are a motivated and creative student, happy to work in a team and with good communication skills. Applicants for this position are expected to have a background in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science, and about to finish their Master's studies. Ideally, you have experience in one or more of the following: acoustics, coding in Python and/or Julia.




Dr. Alessandro Orchini


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