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Dynamic analysis of wet mGTs


In the context of project CLEAN-GT, a micro gas turbine (mGT) demonstrator has been installed in the chair of fluid dynamics. Aim of the project is the study of wet cycles, not only in distributed CHP applications, but also in large scale power generation. Numerous steady-state thermodynamic studies of wet cycles demonstrated an increase of electrical efficiency, when steam injection is applied. However, there are hardly any studies on the transient performance of wet cycles.


  • A validated model of the dry mGT in Aspen Plus Dynamics shall be extended for wet operation.
  • The models will be used to evaluate the operation of the mGTs in two case studies with real heat and electricity demand.
  • The influence of transients on the economics of the mGT will be studied.


    • Experience with Aspen plus and/or Aspen Plus dynamics.
    • Experience with Matlab and Simulink programming.
    • Basic knowledge of gas turbine theory.


    Prof. Dr. sc Panagiotis Stathopoulos

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