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M-cycle for mico gas turbines


Aim of the project is the study of the Maisotsenko cycle for distributed CHP applications. Some simple thermodynamic studies of the cycle demonstrated an increase of electrical efficiency, due to the application of an efficient air saturation with vapor. However, there are hardly any studies on the part load performance of the cycle and its economic performance when applied in real CHP case studies.

Aims and Tasks

  • The part load behavior of the Maisotsenko cycle for mGTs shall be analyzed with thermodynamic modelling tools (Aspen Plus, Ebsilon, Matlab).
  • The results of the models will be incorporated in detailed operational strategies for domestic applications. Several case studies will be used for this part of the work.
  • Clarity shall be reached on the efficiency and economic potential of the cycle for distributed CHP applications.


Prof. Dr. sc. Panagiotis Stathopoulos

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