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Masterarbeit: Development of airfoil pitch test rig for the large towing tank at the TU Berlin

© Hanns-Joachim Schmidt


The surge motion is simply generated by changing the towing carriage velocity. PIV results obtained on a flat plate model at fixed indidence and sinusoidal velocity profi les are presented in Figure 1 (bottom, right). The proposed master thesis focuses on the development of a test rig for control of the model's pitch angle.
In the conception phase of this work a decision must be made, whether the existing test rig (Figure 1, bottom left) has to be reworked for 2D pitch experiments within the existing test rig or if a completely new test rig for fi nite or infi nite wings has to be developed.
Other considerations that have to be included are the design of a smooth and vibration-free pitch angle rotation system, the streamlined design of the submerged parts and cable housings, a suitable drive system for the pitch angle adjustment, and a sufficient optical access for laserbased
measurement techniques (e.g., Partical Image Velocimetry). The work includes topics such as conceptual design, construction, and, if time allows, manufacturing and testings in the water towing tank. This work is available as a master's thesis only due to the complexity of the work.

Optional Tasks

  • Manufacturing of all components
  • Water towing tank experiments


  • Knowledge in fluid mechanics and measurement techniques
  • Manual skills
  • Knowledge in CAD/FEM
  • Documentation in English or German

Begin of work   asap


Marvin Jentzsch

Dr.-Ing. HaJo Schmidt

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