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Methoden der Strömungsbeeinflussung bei Segelyachten

Ahoy Matrosen!

Are you a keen sailor? Or, do you want to learn how the sails work? How a keel can keep you on course? Or, what course will win races?

Then join for the two part course: "Methoden der Strömungsbeeinflussung bei Segelyachten"

In the first semester, we will cover mostly theory including:

  •        Steady and unsteady lift
  •       The points of sail and how they affect the forces on our boat
  •        Wind and how the local terrain influences it
  •       Tactics used in racing

In the second semester will be a student project. In previous years, the projects have involved turning flow tufts into surface flow visualizations or designing and testing a keel in the wind tunnel.

It is best to take both semesters together.

Questions can be directed towards Matthew Lennie.

The first class will be on the 01.11.2018 14-16 hrs in the HF-Gebäude.



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