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Gas Turbines and the Hydrogen Challenge


The course "Gas Turbines and The Hydrogen Challenge" takes place in the winter semester and consists of a mixture of academic lectures (8 lectures, 3 hours each) and invited talks (12 invited talks from a total of 4 speakers, 3 hours each) from experts from the gas turbine industry .

If you wish to attend the course, register to the the course page on the ISIS website. The course is password protected: reach one of the responsible Profs. to have access (see contact below).


The lecture notes will be shared though ISIS.

The course will be held in person, but if required we will hold some lectures online, using Zoom. The lectures will be in English. There will be no "academic quarter", the lectures start at the times given below, but there will breaks during the course.

Times may be subject to change, please check regularly the ISIS website for updates.

Lecturers and Content

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Orchini (TU Berlin)

  • Thermodynamics
  • Fundamentals of acoustics (wave propagation, entropy waves, acoustic characterization of combustors, sources of sound)
  • Acoustic measurement and numerical methods

Prof. Dr. Myles Bohon (TU Berlin)

  • Combustion fundamentals (premixed and non-premixed flames, flame speed, reaction kinetics, heat transfer)

Dr. Valter Bellucci (ALSTOM / WinGD, Baden) 

  • Fundamentals of gas turbines, aeroengines and stationary gas turbines, compressor and turbine, thermodynamic cycles

Dr. Felix Güthe (GE Power  / Phoenix BioPower)

  • GTs Emissions and Climate, Combustion (mixing; emissions; reheat flames), Carbon-Free Fuels (Hydrogen, Ammonia)

Dr. Bruno Schuermans (ALSTOM / GE Power)

  • Thermoacoustic instabilities (basics, generation, analysis, modeling, control)

Dr. Werner Krebs (Siemens AG Power)

  • Scaling of GTs, Industry state-of-the-art and perspective on Hydrogen combustion, Operation and maintenance challenges


The first lecture (Introduction + Review of Thermodynamics concepts) will be held on 26.10.2022, 14:00-17:00 , in Room E-N 191.

A full schedule of the course lectures will be available on the ISIS webpage.



Funded knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics advantageous.


Integrated lecture, 2 STE (4 SWS), 6 ECTS credits

Exam: oral exam with Prof. Paschereit (in English or German)

Lecture notes: presentation slides as PDF


Alessandro Orchini, Prof. Dr.

Myles Bohon, Prof. Dr.

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