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TU Berlin

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27.05.15 11:35 Alter: 3 Jahre

Nominierung Dr. G. Pechlivanoglou

Vizevorsitzender des Windenergie-Komitees der ASME IGTI

Dr. Georgios Pechlivanoglou, the scientific head of wind energy group at the Hermann-Föttinger Institute, is nominated Vice Chair of the wind Energy Committee of ASME IGTI. He will be acting as Committee Vice Chair for a 2-year period (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017).

This reflects the scientific value of the wind energy research carried out in the group under his supervision. In the last 5 years the wind energy research group of HFI TU Berlin published more than 40 peer reviewed conference and journal papers. Furthermore, the wind energy research group is responsible for the initiation and constant development of the Open Source wind turbine design and simulation software QBlade.

In collaboration with various institute around Germany and all over the world, the researchers of the wind energy research group push forward the research in the field of wind turbine aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and flow control.

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